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Automatic-cars - Le Spécialiste de la voiture Boîte de vitesse automatique - Herstal - Liege - Belgique
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We are leader in Belgium for second-hand automatic cars sales !


(Consumers’ Protection Agency) contracts

We have a great experience in the sale, maintenance,mechanical and bodywork repair.

All our services are guaranteed by the above-mentioned  contracts!!

We also specialise in the conversion of vehicles for handicapped drivers – custom made orders are welcome!!

We guarantee that

 square42_blue.gif -     our cars have been checked before they come into our stock
  square42_blue.gif -     the kilometre reading is accurate
  square42_blue.gif -     an overhaul service has been made
  square42_blue.gif -     a complete maintenance service, rinse and complete oil change of the         automatic gearbox has been made
  square42_blue.gif -     Our automatic gearboxes are like new thanks the use of sophisticated         American equipment
square42_blue.gif -  we provide you with the first owner’s maintenance book of the car

We sell:

  • A car as good as new
  • A car which has had a complete maintenance service by our mechanics and by our experts.
  • A car which passed the Belgian authorities’ technical control test  (MOT)
  • A car cleaned with bacteria cleansing products.
  • A car tested and controlled once again prior to delivery

We can deliver your car for a small charge.

After sales service 

 square42_blue.gif -     Repair or maintenance by our experts at competitive prices
  square42_blue.gif -     We will respect the terms and conditions of the warranty
  square42_blue.gif -     In case of  faulty/bad vehicle, a replacement vehicle will be provided